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Re: Police State in Santa Cruz

"I identify myself and leave my real e-mail. Lailo identifies herself by name. The Streetlight witnesses presumably can be contacted by going to their store.

The SCPD whitewashers hide behind labels, psuedonyms, and numbers. Does that say something about credibity?"

---I have a job to think about. I'm not gullable or stupid enough to put my name on these posts. I doubt the volunteers at your local indy station give a flying fuck what you say or how it may effect your 20 listeners.

"If any of these brave critics want to discuss the issues (even anonymously), they are again invited to call or e-mail in to my radio show tomorrow (Thursday November 11) 6-8 PM) on . Call 831-427-3772 or chatroom in at"

---I wouldnt do anything that might get you 21 listeners.

"How much shelter space is available for homeless people in Amused Officer's neck of the woods? When has he stood up for the rights of the poor people on his beat? Does s/he sleep well at night enforcing "move along" and "no camping" laws in areas where homeless people have no alternative?"

----The city I live in is largely "ghetto" and outside of downtown and a few scattered spots has little tourist value. The homeless are not treated unfairly and yes there are plenty of shelters here, however as I stated before, believe it or not, most who are homeless here are crackheads or prostitutes and they bunk up together in abandoned houses or seedy motel rooms.

"Internal Affairs investigations? Right. How many officers in your department have actually been suspended or fired by such IA investigations when they involve excessive force?"

----Too many. Most cases are when the officer(s) are trying to restrain the subject who wants to fight, is on drugs or drunk, and is going to resist going to jail at all costs.

Like that fatass Nathaniel Jones in Cincinatti. The guy is high on PCP, about 300 lbs., and hungry (they were at White Castle). He calls the officers rednecks, whiteboys, etc. (which reverse racism is apparently okey dokey for the fine folks at indymedia) before they even approach or make contact with him. They struggle with him for 30 seconds trying to get him to comply. He attacked them, the officers did the right thing, by taking it up the use of force spectrum one notch (the batons). Every officer I know would have done the same thing.

Mr Cody, I know its a requirement in your pseudo rebellious social group to believe we are racist. But I dont believe I ever made a racist statement. We have over 800 minority officers on our department, most of whom would agree wotj everything I have typed here


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