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Re: Free Self Defense Workshop

Jay has a point in that how effective nonviolence is depends a lot on who you are, what you're protesting, and where you are. In Britain, for example, it's highly unlikely that there would ever be a Seattle or Chiapas-type situation under current conditions. Actually, in Britain, I'm much more scared of the anarchists than the police. :-) Most of the time, when people study self defense, they aren't worried about the police anyway. Even in politics, leftist activists have as much to fear from random Nazis, Klansmen, etc., as the police. Sometimes, the police are helpful, and I've even been to many anti-war demos where we had police protection. I've also had family members in the police. :-)In this sense, most of these posts are way off topic. One of the best arguments for self defense is that people won't feel completely dependent on sometimes-corrupt police forces for protection, and won't be as willing to sacrifice civil liberties for some false hope of "protection."

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