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Re: SEIU Rank and File Revolt

It would be shocking to hear a paid union representative tell us that
covering everyone's healthcare never made sense, if this wasn't just
a continuation of what these misleaders have been saying all along.
The simple fact of the matter is that neither option put to the
membership for a vote was acceptable.

Tony Madrigal went into negotiations insisting that the negotiating
team ask for nothing, insisting that all meetings be held in
Watsonville where he got free labor out of me when he gave me rides
while giving paid jobs to those who, like you Sherry, agreed with his
sell-out approach.

Tony Madrigal sold us out to the Democrat politicians who we were
negotiating with in the county and used homecare workers as a
stepping-stone for Democrat Party backing in his run for Santa Cruz
City Council.

Sherry Hall, there is a reason you were not elected for homecare
president, even though you were Tony's hand picked person. That says
a lot more about what the membership is thinking than how we voted
when presented with the choice between two bad healthcare proposals.

Tony Madrigal went into negotiations asking for nothing and that is
exactly what we got. Tony should resign or be removed from his
position and our bylaws should be changed so that our elected
leadership (and therefore membership) actually runs the union.

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