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This is a lot of fun. I rather doubt it but it is fun none the less. Although it provokes an important idea, often when one of these Earth shaking events occurs the authorities do sweep in, cordone it off and essentially control almost all access. So in the lack of information, many times we don't really know the truth. But from all the first responders I have known in my life if something real weird to keep it out of the rumor mill would be close to impossible. These people are not subtle people who are capable of intense levels of subtrifuge. I would hold us wierd-ass intellectuals would be better at that sort of thing.

So I don't know when I watched the movie and poked around the website it became clear that this one is pretty close to UFO theory which is interesting but can't be taken at face value. Puppet Masters who secretly control the Earth and all the goings on. I have my doubts about 9/11 but it requires more proof than a flashy flash movie.

Have Fun,
Sends Steve

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