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Woe unto those who take the knucklehead Bigot seriously

His rhetorical zigzags are becoming a pattern. Now he's trying to backpedal from his earlier lie that the Jews have always "VOLUNTARILY separated themselves into ghettoes since antiquity" by claiming they willingly confined themselves at least to the Venice ghetto. But even that's a lie. Whoever doubts he's lying should read a bit on the topic from these URLs:'s_Ghetto.htm

As for what happens in NYC and other urban centers, the ultra-Orthodox Jews form separate congregations as a means to best enable themselves to practice their unique lifestyle -- unique even among religious Jews who could be "merely" Orthodox or Conservative. The security measures they employ have been proven imperative by events such as the 1991 Crown Heights riots in which an unruly African-America mob murdered a Jew and caused untold damage to property. But it should be expected of the arch-Bigot to apologize for or even justify those riots. This racist lowlife has a problem with ultra-Orthodox Jews trying to keep antisemites at bay since he would rather they be vulnerable to attack.

His reference to Israel as one giant ghetto where Jews voluntarily live and flock to perhaps emblemizes the biggest paradox of antisemitic bigotry: antisemites wish, on the one hand, that Jews be removed from gentile society everywhere on earth; on the other, they bitterly wail whenever Jews do just that and congregate in one place of their own.

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