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As for the peanut gallery...

"1) Becky Johnson is not Jewish."

How would you know? Because of her surname? Means nothing for several obvious reasons. Even not being a Jew hardly matters, since so many non-Jews have had their little Jell-O brains totally scrambled by pro-zionist propaganda.

"3) ...ISrael gave the Arabs half their tiny land mass to make peace."

Wrong again. It was the U.N. that established the original partitioning plan ( ), whereupon zionist extremists A) immediately and violently wrecked this plan, and B) have worked tirelessly to capture and completely dissolve ALL Palestinian territory ever since, in the process unilaterally pursuing war almost continually for the past 56 years. Learn some history before you waste my time again.

I saved the best for last:

"2) The Jews in the Middle east do not terrorize the Arabs. The arabs seek to annihilate them and they defend themselves. There are 4.9 million Jews against 250 million Arabs."

Another childishly flimsy falsehood. Making a terroristic example of Iraq before the entire Arab sphere is one of the main purposes of our grotesque 14-year war against that country -- most of the other excuses have been exhausted -- and the main architects of this terror war are pro-Israel double agents in the U.S. government.

As for Israel itself:

B'Tselem explores Israel's slippery "open fire rules." Many excellent case studies.
On the matter of the IDF killing and wounding totally innocent Palestinians, this report states: "These incidents are not 'exceptional' cases, but rather they constitute a large portion of the casualties throughout the occupied territories"

A similar story told by Amnesty International
"...detailed evidence that Israeli soldiers unlawfully killed Palestinians civilians, blocked medical access to the wounded, used Palestinians as human shields, tortured prisoners, and unnecessarily destroyed civilian houses. Many of these crimes are not isolated incidents, says Amnesty, but 'committed in a widespread and systematic manner, in pursuit of government policy'"

A few such incidents were actually reported by Western media, representative of another thousand that weren't:¬Found=true

"...random strafing of heavily populated civilian areas, killing elderly women and young boys and girls.",4273,4392540,00.html

The prevalent Israeli attitude that corresponds with your own willful blindness:
"Apparently the public is accepting a situation in which military activity in Palestinian towns is accompanied by indiscriminate killing. With a kind of collective shrug, the killing is excused as something self-evident in the circumstances of the war, in which it is difficult to distinguish between terrorists and innocent civilians."

IDF stormtroopers murder a 95-year-old woman. Wait, don't tell me: she was a terrorist, right?
"From her hospital bed, Ms. Rafat told the news agency that Israeli troops approached the car as it neared a checkpoint outside Ramallah, broke its windows and then retreated and began firing at it from a distance."

Her murderer gets punished mercilessly. 65 whole days in jail!

An Israeli helicopter crew wantonly fires a missile into a crowd of civilians, killing ten:,2763,806658,00.html

An israeli terror bombing of a Palestinian primary school, injuring 20 students:

Israel bombards and destroys a UN facility for blind Palestinian children -- a terrorist hotbed, no doubt!

The appalling slaughter of Jenin refugee camp:
" 'It is clear they have something to hide – that is the bottom line,' said one senior diplomatic source."

Israeli refuseniks display more honesty than you do:,2763,1098456,00.html
"The line was crossed for most of the pilots with the dropping of the one-tonne bomb last year on the home of a Hamas military leader, Salah Shehade, killing him and 14 of his family, mostly children. One captain described the bombing as deliberate killing, murder even. Another called it state terrorism."

More appalling, clearly deliberate killings of Palestinian children:,4057,7127339%5E1702,00.html,3604,1007051,00.html

Israel's orchestrated campaign of violence against non-aligned journalists:
quote: "A journalist is a civilian, under international law, as well as according to common sense.",2933,49904,00.html

"Photographers for The Associated Press and the French news agency Agence France-Press (AFP) were beaten by two Israeli border policemen as the journalists tried to photograph troops driving quickly down the street Tuesday with two Palestinian teens clinging to the hood of their jeep."

Other aspects of Israel's terror war:,2933,76142,00.html

"the main measure to subjugate Palestinians is not war, but closure and siege. This is why Israel is so anxious to institutionalise it. World Bank experts estimate the damage caused to Palestinian economy by Israeli military attacks at $305 million in the first 15 months of the present Intifada."

The World Bank report referred to:
"... according to a new report from the World Bank ... more than half the Palestinian population is now living on less than two dollars a day and that only massive foreign aid is preventing full economic collapse. This is an attempt by the World Bank to quantify in facts and figures the enormous human suffering the conflict with Israel is causing the Palestinian people.

The recurrent, plainly villainous obstruction of emergency health care delivery:
"Between September, 2000 and March 1, 2004, 2,859 Palestinians have been killed, 82 percent of them civilians. Nineteen percent of these were children under age eighteen. 41,000 Palestinians have been injured of whom 35.7 percent are children, 32.4 percent of these were struck, as was the little boy in the story below, by live ammunition, 64.9 percent in the upper body. 39 percent of the injuries were "moderate to severe"--as were those of our second interviewee. Among the injured, 2500 people have been permanently disabled, of whom 500 are children like Hakim and Mazin, described below."

An eye witness exposes the truth about the "occupied territories" -- that they're essentially Israel-administrated concentration camps:

Israel's systematic assaults on international relief efforts

If Israel were OTHER THAN America's favorite fascist proxy, it would be a glow-in-the-dark nuclear cinder by now for having done all this.

A good commentary on the corporate media's obscenely biased coverage of Israel/Palestine:

One commentator puts the blame squarely where it belongs:,3604,1171705,00.html

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