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Response to Free Will: You say the Palestinians are too poor to dig tunnels? Check this out!


[Updated]PLO Media Lionize Tunnel Bombers, Condemn Israel, Ignore HAMAS Connection

By Michael Widlanski (Special to IMRA) Monday, 13 December, 2004

The official Palestinian media opened their Monday morning broadcasts by lionizing the Palestinian Arab tunnel bombers who blew up a huge tunnel underneath an Israeli border checkpoint yesterday, killing five Israelis and
wounding several others.

"The heroic martyrdom of the youth Sabr Jullouth killed by the bullets of Israeli occupation troops who entered his home in Rafah in Gaza, and the heroic martyrdom of the youth Muayyad Ara in a clash with Occupation troops
near the Rafah Border Pass," declared the opening headline on Palestinian radio.

Tunnels have become the main way for terrorists to attack Israeli border troops in Gaza as well as the means of smuggling anti-tank missiles,
automatic weapons and explosives from Egypt towards Israel. (see continuation of the article at

You deny that there are tunnels. You deny that Rachel Corrie was guarding a tunnel in an open field. You deny that Rachel Corrie had any knowledge of or was helping the gun/bomb smuggling operation by blocking Israeli bulldozers that were there to disrupt those tunnels. Yet no one denies she interferred in that IDF operation.

The IDF claims they have discovered and destroyed over 90 tunnels since 2000.

Prior to 2000, arms were more commonly smuggled in by sea (remember the Karine A??)

I think it is legitimate for the State of Israel to go after destroying these tunnels. Lives are saved if the tunnels are shut down. Therefore the govt. of Israel had legitimate reason to bulldoze those tunnels, and any person interferring with such an operation should be arrested for such activity. ISM workers who pit their bodies against bulldozers are risking arrest, serious injury, and even death.

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