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Re: What Constitutes Life?

You're correct about the "god" hoax.

Erich Fromm, in his book "To Have or to Be?" makes a flawless argument proving church and state NEVER were separate.

On page 121, he writes:
"As long as the tables were set for only a minority (the wealthy) and the majority had to serve the minority's purposes and be satisfied with that what was left over, the sense that *disobediance is sin* had to be cultivated.

"Both state and chruch cultivated it, and both worked together, because both had to protect their own hierarchies. The state needed religion to have an ideology that fused disobedience and sin—the church needed believers whom the state had trained in the virtues of obedience.

"Both used the institution of the family, whose function it was to *train the child in obedience from the first moment it showed a will of its own* (usually, at the latest, with the beginning of toilet training).

"The self-will of the child had to be broken in order to prepare it for its proper functioning later on as a citizen."

God us used as men's cosmic ventriqulist dummy to maintain "The God-given right of Kings" and male domination of women (A man is king of his castle etc.

So when the guy is dumped on by his boss, he can still go home and beat his wife, and thus divert the anger that should be aimed at the boss.

Global patriarchy is held in place by people cowering before those above them with more power, and by abusing those on the rungs beneath them with less power.

When surveillance technology is perfected, and all six billion of us work slaves are under 24 hour surveillance with cameras in our homes and RFID chips in our bodies, god and santa claus will be obsolete.

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