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Problematic record of human rights organizations

Let the readership be aware that the three human rights organizations cited by "Human Rights" (among others) have engaged in different types of faulty reporting about Palestinian human rights abuses that call their credibility into question.

I've already addressed problems with a report by the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights. There are compelling reasons to suspect its pro-Palestinian bias considerably mars its other reports similarly or worse.

Amnesty International also has been shown to have a somewhat questionable record. This is manifested in its occasional underreporting of some Palestinian violations and in a certain tendency to level trumped up charges at Israel. Some examples are as follows:!$.asp

Next, Btselem's reporting has also been plagued by several problems like defining very loosely the meaning of an innocent Palestinian civilian or taking the Palestinian side, as seen from one contention by a member, Ya'el Stein: "The attacks must be stopped because of the large number of bystanders being hit." (

** For much worse and even more telling examples, see

In light of such problems with reports by those three organizations, readers should be cautious, especially reading reports authored by Palestinian organizations, and cross-check them with official Israeli sources.

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