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'Im in full favour of your activism'

'Im an Australian who is highly disatified and disillusioned with my own government who is ever eager to fight in Iraq as well...licking G.W Bush\'s leg...wagging the tail for the biggest wanker of an American President ever to have been elected (or was he??)...I strongly object to attacking Iraq..and I want to say one thing to all the ignorant morons of the world .. \"Wake up and realise what is happening to the earth...Jeff paterson is on the right plateau and he deserves to be heard..he has seen it with his own eyes..the horror and destruction America is capable of bringing to the world - so listen to him!!\"..Socialism is not Communism..and it is most defineatly not Terrorism...It means caring about the people of the earth..NOT KILLING THEM FOR PROFIT.'

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