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Okay Becky

The targets in Deir al-Balah refugee camp are discussed in more detail in the article I linked to, which you obviously didn't see.

And again you're quoting the IDF spokesperson version of why Israel attacked Deir al-Sabah as if this represents infallible truth, when in fact any impartial person can tell you this is about the least credible body on the planet. Your credulity regarding their blatantly false announcements is really weird. For example, you regurgitate their lie that they didn't shoot directly at the car bearing the pregnant woman. From whence, pray tell, O Becky, didst the bullets that caused their wounds issue? I suppose the other Palestinians at the checkpoint whipped machine guns out from under their garments and fired on the car while the IDF jackboots just stood there slack-jawed watching them do this ...? You exhort the reader to "think about this." Well it hardly takes a Sherlock Holmes to figure out the IDF simply had to do the shooting and they're just lying about it. It's the only remotely likely possibility. Your incoherent effort to summon an alternative possibility succeeds only as comedy.

Also, what I've been condemning, with great consistency, is not Israel's military actions per se, but its grotesque atrocities against targets that can in no way be called "military." Like the couple in the car, like the targets in Deir al-Balah, and no, I don't give a fuck what the IDF says. They've lied too many times, the truth of their claims can't be assumed. Israel has denied the Palestinians anything that can even rightly be called a military, so they've smuggled in weapons and are waging a guerrilla war instead. Under these conditions, Israel can't tell the good guys from the bad guys, and moreover doesn't care. It's a kind of situation that always produces obscene attacks on totally innocent civilians, a la My Lai, and I have every right and reason to criticize any government that does that shit.

As for my wanting "to put Israel in the worst possible light," actually I only want to portray it as badly as it actually is. The insanity called zionism is destabilizing the entire planet. If that means either Israel or the planet has got to go, then Israel gets my vote. You, on the other hand, want to excuse everything it does and portray it as the perpetual martyr and underdog. "Martyrs and underdogs" don't have hundreds of nukes, nuclear-armed submarines, huge inventories of supersonic fighters, attack helicopters, monster bulldozers, tanks, worldwide intelligence networks, etc., etc., etc.

The underdog here, O Dim One, is the Palestinians.

You know a very interesting amount about CT. I didn't know he was Israeli. What on earth is an Israeli doing gatekeeping a U.S. website at 4:00 AM every morning local time? He's adapted his schedule to that of the internet precinct he's patrolling, mebbe? I think you're keeping some very questionable company, Becky, and I'm going to tell your mom.

"Human cockroach" simply expresses my opinion of such a warped and venomous imperial apologist. You're right, though, it was inappropriate.

Also, I assumed the Israelis killed at Karni Crossing were IDF, and yes that was a mistake but it was NOT a lie. This is the first time I've ever heard of an Israeli checkpoint where the personnel were not IDF, and personally I smell a rat here. If they weren't IDF, what were they? Shin Bet? Private security contractors? Whatever they were, portraying them as "innocent civilians" seems rather disingenuous, in that familiar zionist truth-morphing way. At best, they fall into a strategically calculated gray area. It's just as likely your precious infallible Israeli media is lying through its teeth.

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