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Yes, but we have to dismantle it anyway

Workers Demonic Irrational would have us believe that a country that has a 120 member congress (the Israeli Knesset) where ELECTED members who are both Jewish and non-Jewish, secular and religious, argue and discuss the policies and practices of the Israeli govt. in front of God and eveybody is not a democracy.

WDI would have us believe that a country which has a bill of rights similar to the United States which guarantees the right to free speech, freedom of the press, Yes, freedom of religion (or non-religion),freedom to criticize one's own govt. etc. is NOT a democracy.

By WDI's standards, even Sweden would not qualify as a democracy.

However, WDI doesn have some interesting things to say. Listen to WDI's own words:

"The (Israeli) government is elected. The Palestinian citizens of Israel participate in the electoral process and have their own parties."

" is much to the benefit of the working class to wage its struggle under the conditions of a bourgeois democracy rather than under military or fascist forms of government."

"Hidden behind the argument that Israel is not a democracy there is an opprobrious (shameful) implication. The real meaning of this idea is that the Israelis do not have a right to their own national territory"

"Israel’s main trade union body, the Histadrut, was (and continues to be) one of the bastions of Zionism."

"...contrary to the argument of the liberals, the British imperialists actually opposed the creation of Israel."

"many states have been established as settler colonies through the oppression of the native population. Amongst such countries are the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the nations of South America. Most of these states are imperialist."

"From the very beginning, the British imperialists promised Palestine to both the Jews and the Palestinians. Britain was pursuing its own interests in the region, disinterested in the creation of Israel. In seeking to strengthen their own position in the Middle East, the British imperialists employed the tactic of “divide and rule?, playing Arabs and Jews off against one another."

"The UN’s recommendation was for the partition of Palestine with Jerusalem as an internationally-administered city."

"When the UN Special Committee on Palestine voted on the partition there were 33 votes in favor, 13 against, and 10 abstentions. Amongst those who abstained was – Britain! Thus Israel was created in opposition to the plans of British imperialism.

The Arabs rejected the partition compromise of 1947. Encouraged and armed by the British, they prepared for a war to eliminate the Zionists and prevent the Jewish state in Palestine"

"The Stalinists even supplied arms through Czechoslovakia to the Jews in Palestine."

"For nearly 60 years now the reformists have spoken in favor of two separate capitalist states as a solution. 60 years is a long enough time without real progress to prove that the idea of two capitalist states is unrealistic."

"during the period when the Palestinian Authority was allowed to exist, we quickly saw how the elite among the Palestinians began to enrich themselves at the expense of the Palestinian workers."


"The only solution to the problem can only be realized through the overthrow of Israeli capitalism"

Yeah, yeah, I know he also said to overthrow "surrounding despotic Arabic regimes" as well, but, for some reason he hasn't paid even lip service to the "many crimes against human rights" in Arab countries like stoning women to death for having sex, beheadings, martyrdom, lynchings, and actual genocide such as is going on right now in Darfur.

WDI would have us dismantle the socialist democratic state of Israel, and refuge to the Jewish people of the world, and in its place put up a democratic socialist state.

And almost as a postscript he throws in that we also have to do this to the surrounding Arab states. Israel is not perfect. But it is a democracy. And it can be a good neighbor to the bordering Arab states if they would only accept and acknowledge the sovereignty of a tiny Jewish state on 1/50th of the land mass of the mideast.

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