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To 'Pa Thetic'

Party representation in Israel is *proportional*; the entire country constitutes a single electoral constituency. Knesset elections are based on a vote for a party rather than for individuals. Knesset seats are assigned in proportion to each party's percentage of the total national vote. The factor more important than the amount of seats won by a particular party is just how high that party decided to place a particular woman on its own list.

There has been an Arab woman, Hussniya Jabara, in the Knesset on a Zionist ticket (!!!) -- the Meretz party. See

As to your assertion that women in Israel "are shut out of the process because of economic inequality and artificial limitations put on access", you're actually complaining about a problem existing in quite a few Western democracies which isn't unique to Israel. Israeli law places no more limitations on women trying to get elected as Knesset members than on men.

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