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Re: CityCouncil Mtg: Hotel or Not?

Great photos! It is such a treat to keep seeing such nice photos and it really inspires me to keep making media. There is so much emotion captured in these images.

This development is going forward despite the will of a large spectrum of concerned parties. The plan is short-sided and doomed to be a loser.

It was nice that Tony Madrigal tried to speak with the Clear View Court residents, however he acknowledged that most residents were not home when he came to speak with them. And the residents that were home expressed numerous concerns. It makes me question his motives for going door to door in the first place. The input, and lack thereof, from the Clear View Court residents would have been a fine reason for Tony to vote against the plan. But no... The Green Light is given for the contractors to "use their best judgment" on the enormous luxury hotel and six story parking garage.

Sure, some jobs have been created in the short term and Santa Cruz may have a fancy LED certified (Green Building) hotel, but at what cost? Tony had the chance to stand up for the people of Santa Cruz and fight against the agenda of Mike Rotkin and the Big Money Corporate Interests, but he chose to support the plan and the 'tear it down, build it up' mentality of people willing to do anything for money.

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