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The Palestinian Authority ALWAYS censors the news

Israel does not censor its news. Take a look at all the anti-Israel articles coming out of...Israel...and you have your proof.

By contrast the Palestinian Authority does not allow anything at all on their tv, radio, and press that has not gotten the PA stamp of approval. Articles critical of the PA are censored routinely.

NO! Israel does NOT censor its news.

BTW, I consider myself pro-Israel,and not a Zionist.

To me,a Zionist is a member of a Zionist organization that had a hand in setting up Israel as a modern state and homeland for Jews anywhere in the world.

I am not a member of any such organization. I am a member of Dafka, which is a pro-Israel educational and lobbying organization.

I do not consider myself a Zionist. I also feel the Zionist movement is passe as its purpose was to set up the Jewish State of Israel which it already accomplished in 1948. The people who run Israel right now are Israelis, not "Zionists".

The only groups I know of who intentionally murder children are the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, the PLO, PFLP, Tanzim, Hizbollah, and another half dozen PALESTINIAN terror groups. They even train their own childen to become martyrs by killing Jews.

Israel does not target children, goes to great lengths to avoid injuring any civilian, and does not train its children to pick up arms. The Palestinians put children on the front lines, in front of snipers, encourage their boys to throw rocks at IDF soldiers, and recruit teenage suicide bombers. These policies are reprehensible and abusive to children.

The PLO obviously does recruit children to bear arms and here you jerks are out defending their "honor" and condemning a paper for reporting a truth that is inconvenient to your prejudices.

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