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"Roma, too, were targets of the Nazi’s cold, calculated extermination programs, though anyone who suggested the Roma should have been allowed to “return? to their north India ancestral homelands (which they left circa 1400) to avert the Nazi’s elimination of 200,000 them, or that the Nazi’s efforts at anti-Roma genocide might justify the post-war herding of north Indians into ghettos to make room for the Roma [Roma nation-state, ethnically cleansed of everyone else, in India], would be dismissed, deservedly, as a crank." - Stephen Gowan

"Israel is a good place to watch the giant wave of gentile penitence, the Auschwitz Remembrance Day that lasts for a week, rolling around the globe.


"But if it seen everywhere, why is Israel such a good place to watch the [Auschwitz Remembrance] Penitence Day? Because only here you won’t have an illusion that ‘the lesson’ refers to unacceptability of racism or of ethnic cleansing or of cold-blooded murder.


"Raul Wallenberg was a royal Swede who saved many Jews and was killed by the Russians. There was another royal Swede who saved many Jews and was killed by the Jews – Folke Bernadotte – but he is forgotten even in Stockholm, where a Jewish millionaire bought a new TV channel this week to ensure this forgetfulness.


"There are a few Arabs around the round table: a young student and a Member of Knesset. They try to speak of racism, but their fluent Hebrew was not understood: racism is something done to Jews, not by Jews.


"The TV set brings in more news: three-year old Palestinian girl, Rahma Abu Shamas, was killed Wednesday morning by Israeli army, thus defusing somewhat the demographic threat.


"When the Air Force commander Dan Halutz was asked what does the pilot feel releasing a one ton bomb over densely populated Gaza refugee camp and killing fifteen children, he replied: “A slight bump. I sleep well?."

- Israel Shamir

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