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Wow, Becky, you sure are good at playing stupid

I'm beginning to think it might not be a put-on

"Israel is not an "occupier" because that would mean that Israel is occupying another country... blah blah etc."

I see. So your idea of countering my charge that you're convinced Israel has a right to all of British-mandated Palestine is to once again intimate this very thing. Oh my God, Becky, what a towering intellect you have! Like here where your mindless bigot agenda drips like pus from of every word of this paragraph:

"Yes I think Palestinian Arabs can live there too. I see nothing wrong with Jews and Arabs living together, sharing the land. If Palestine ever comes into being, I see nothing wrong with some of its citizens being Jewish."

* * * * * * * * *

"Israel is not just being paranoid. They do fear annihilation. They do feel their very survival is based on being armed to the teeth."

Oh just quit fucking playing the victim, already! This bullshit act got SOOO tired about 20 years ago. When it comes to being victimized, NO ONE in the Middle East outdoes the Palestinians, and when it comes to aggression, NO ONE remotely approaches the Israelis. Which is a rather perfect inversion of this bullshit you're coming off with, isn't it? Once again, YOU invaded THEM, remember? Then you unilaterally destroyed the U.N. partition plan, remember? And no, they didn't attack you in 1967, you attacked them, remember? And by "you" I mean zionists, and don't fucking pretend you're not a zionist. No, it doesn't matter that you're not Jewish; they're two different things.

"Your answer ... was some kind of wandering essay on how 9/11 has made the USA more fascist."

No, lying asshole, it wasn't "wandering." It was one short paragraph, very direct and to the point. If your mind is too trivial to follow the argument, maybe you should put the blame where it belongs. Come to think of it, I even anticipated this exact facultative stupidity you're now showing: "But then you ARE a lying manipulative asshole, so of course you WILL pretend to not understand any of this..."

"I would tend to agree with you that the Patriot act is a piece of shit and wouldn't have stopped 9/11 anyway. But what does that have to do with Israel????"

My God, your obtuseness is just sickening. I ANSWERED THIS! If you want to get into the merits of what I said, then do so -- that's not what you're doing here. But then, you know you'll get your ass kicked again if you do that, don't you?

"It was Islamic Arabs (all Saudis) who performed those attacks."

How do you know? Because the utterly corrupt psychopaths of the Bush Administration, the world intel community, and the corporate media say so? And you trust a syllable uttered by any one of these people? Between six and nine of the 'suicide hijackers' are still alive in the Middle East. All by itself, this punches a gigantic intolerable hole in the official account, and there are many many such holes

Harrison, David. Revealed: the men with stolen identities. The Daily Telegraph, 9/23/01

Author unknown. Hijack 'Suspects' Alive and Well. British Broadcasting Corporation, 9/23/01

MacFarquhar, Neil. A Nation Challenged: The Hijackers; Confusion Over Names Clouds Identities of Attackers on Jets. New York Times, 9/21/01

Jeffery, Simon. Special Report: Terrorism in the US. The Guardian, 9/21/01,11209,601550,00.html

But like all zionists, you buy into the official account because it bolsters the case for unlimited aggression against Islam, which you favor in turn because you're an imperialist bigot asshole

"IF you are saying the Islamic Arabs attacked us because we support Israel, then what do you think we should do about it?"

Israel is a Western imperial onslaught on their world, period, and they know it, even if you're too dishonest to ever admit it. The surest way to restore political sanity and safety to the world is to withdraw this abomination. This represents the justice they seek, and their grievance is completely sound, and they know this too. Your childish schoolyard analogies do not capture the essence of the situation EVEN A LITTLE. If these are really the terms in which you think about this stuff, please PLEASE for God's sake do everyone on the planet a huge favor and just don't think about it at all. Your mind is much too small for this.

Western imperialism really is a cancer on the earth, a severe imbalance of the rational order of things that's about to be resoundingly corrected, mark my words. We can roll it back ourselves and in this way control the process, or we can keep prattling disinformation until it smashes down on us. Maybe I'm just a silly goose, but I prefer the former.

"Do you think that giving in to a bully brings peace? there is no logical reasoning with al Qaeda in the first place. they really do hate us for our bikinis."

They're not the bullies. You are. They get in one good hard shot in retaliation for the MILLIONS killed by the Western empires over there over the past 90 years, and now you want to whip people up to annihilate them. Your comprehension of history and fairness is simply diseased, as is placed on continual display by your posture on Israel.

Also, al Qaeda is a phantom, the Emmanuel Goldstein of the U.S. fascist empire. This has now been acknowledged even by the BBC (excellent 3-hour documentary here: ). So this "they" you're talking about is really the Arab people, just admit it. And no Becky YOU are the one who hates THEM. That's why you eagerly pounce on every bit of demonizing trivia that comes your way about them.

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