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And Jordan is a monarchy that doesn't allow ANY Jews

Reply to Full of Shit: Please take longer than a second to think about this.

Israel is a DEMOCRACY where EACH CITIZEN has the right to VOTE, regardless of RACE, NATIONALITY OF ORIGIN, or RELIGION. All PEOPLE living there, whether CITIZEN or not, have access to the Israeli courts to settle any disputes.

All of this (and so much more) proves that Israel is a DEMOCRACY.

In addition to being a democracy, Israel serves the dual function of being the national homeland for any Jew anywhere in the world (including Jewish converts---even Palestinian Jewish converts).

Perhaps you could call it special treatment. But it is NOT racist other than it involves people of a race and a religion.

The reason for the special treatment was to balance out a special need. In much of the world in the 1940's, it was not safe to be a Jew in any country. Being a Jew in Poland, Germany, Holland, France, or Hungary proved to be lethal.

When Israel was founded in 1948, the principle of providing a homeland where Jews would be welcomed, was passed by democratic legislation and formed into law. They had the right to do this, even if you disagree.

To call this policy "racist" is to take it totally out of the historical context in which it was formed, ignore the spirit in which it was enacted, and denies that a real need existed.

Jews are granted automatic citizenship. Does that mean that Israel is racist against every other country and every other religion in the world?

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