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Re: No permits for illegal microwave towers/antennas on the Palomar Inn

I don't know where FRSC is being retransmitted from. They no longer broadcast from the Zami collective. I live near KSCO which is much higher power than FRSC. They broadcast right across from an apartment building on Portola. In an ideal world, all radio transmitters would be located far from residential areas and the airwaves would belong to the public, not to big corporations. But of course this is not an ideal world. Even some commercial radio transmitters near residential areas do not conform to the lax FCC standards. Just because my detector can't find a signal does not eliminate cause for concern. It does not register the signal from KSCO at my house for instance. Would you trust a doctor who looked at your blood with a magnifying glass and told you that you don't have AIDS because he could not see anything wrong with your blood? That is the conclusion you are drawing from my earlier statement. I don't have the resources to go out and get an RF "microscope" to find out if there is a real problem with the Palomar, or FRSC for that matter. But maybe the Palomar reports, if any, will shed some light on the issue. I could search for those at city hall on Monday, as R Norse on his radio show pointed out that there have been many appeals of the permits so there must be a report in there somewhere. I would have to look up the beach flats report again too, since it has been awhile since I looked at that.

Really these discussions tend to degenerate into debates about what to do with stone knives and bearskins (as a frustrated Mr Spock said on one of those famous Star Trek episodes), for I just don't have the equipment needed to make a measurement and the medical knowledge is not being developed since the studies to check for harmfull effects are often just not being done, at least not by anyone that the cell phone companies would listen to. The federal regulations specificly exempt broadcasters from civil liability in the case of EMF proving to be harmful. That part at least will not be a repeat of the ciggarette smoking issue.

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