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Re: No permits for illegal microwave towers/antennas on the Palomar Inn

I conclude that Ms. Garrett had set her detector to ignore anything below 2Ghz, because she only cares about the picowave range (giga, billion, pico).

101.1FM is 101.1Mhz or 101,100,000 million cycles per second. 101 micro-waves per second. Any FM radio transmitter that is powered, emits microwave energy.

Also, did she sample the EM field strength from adjacent rooftops and windows? Anyone who knows anything about radio transmission antennas knows that the field around a transmitter can be shaped via tuning and near-field geographic attenuators (trees, other buildings) so that it does not radiate equal energy in all directions.

This means that even if no significant radiation were present in the studio beside the transmitter directly underneath the antenna, the 2nd story bedroom window of the house next door may be getting blasted.

Were neighbors ever advised of the FRSC transmitter, and the potential health risks of living near an electro magnetic radiator, particular the risks to infants, the sick, and the elderly? Were they given any choice?

High-power radio waves (such as are present near radio transmitters) are invisible, yet dangerous. This is why regulatory standards exist, to protect public health from the mistakes of competent amateurs with just enough knowledge to be dangerous.

The Palomar Hotel and FRSC should be held to equal standards.

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