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The legendary (to herself) Becky Johnson stars in "Moonbound!"

Becky wretches: "Steve, I don't mind you voicing your disagreements with me, but you falsely state my positions."

No he doesn't. He says you "justify the murder of innocents," and you do. Everyone who's ever been in the path of your projectile vomitations on the subject of Iman al-Hams, etc., knows this about you. You're never gonna live that shit down.

"Why you bring [Sabra & Shatila] up again and again and again is no doubt your need to PROVE that Israel commits mass murder, when in fact, it doesn't."

No, he keeps bringing it up because it DOES very damningly implicate Israel, and he's demonstrated this to everyone's satisfaction but yours, which is mission impossible anyway. You'll NEVER admit that Israel has EVER perpetrated a single human rights violation, and that's because you're just Lee's little chicksa on a rampage. Or is it a payroll?

"Certainly, the USA would LIKE to have a lot of influence, but its only marginally successful in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and few other places."

This just clinches it. No authentic leftist would EVER say this about U.S. influence in the Middle East, or any other spot on the globe. A self-deluded conservative fuckhead would, though. They'd also get excited about Kerry, as if he were more than a tiny increment to the left of Bush (the closer you yourself are to their tiny little fake right/far-right spectrum, the more different they look). My mother-in-law is just like you: in her 50s, has this delusion about Kerry and also about Clinton, was a way-rad-groovy-cool hippy and feminist back in the day, and is just unshakeably convinced she still is. But she's just NOT. It's all ego. "Leftist" isn't just a totem of coolness you can put on at will like a tie-dyed shirt. It's an intellectually demanding state of mind; how, why, and what you think is everything. And you just DON'T.

Woe mwy Gwod! JA actually used the "J" WORD??!?!??! And right to a Jew's face, even??!?!?!!!?!?! Holy shit, let's get Meir Kahane's ghost to hurl acid in his face! I hope he doesn't go around calling African-Americans "African-Americans" or some shit!

This whole fracas with Daniel Pipes has this telltale stink of classic zionist back-stabbing. Pipes is Jewish, correct? And if he's also demonstrably a racist, which is plausible, there's nothing inherently inappropriate in what JA admits to saying. But his accusation (that being a Jewish racist is particularly shameful) IS extremely damaging to the zionist's core tactic of manipulating genteel guilt: self-proclaimed zionists, as Jews (typically), are among History's Ultimate Victims™ of racism so therefore considering THEM racist is just WRONG!!! If you do this even for a second, you're a super-villain wearing a Kaiser helmet and cackling maniacally as you shovel Zyklon-B onto piles of terrified babies... You might as well just slash your wrists.

The zionists reinforce and hide behind this mythology continuously; it's the fulcrum of every single one of their bullshit strategems; it makes their motives in Israel perfectly immune to critical examination. If it became common for people to entertain the idea that, NO, they ARE racists, then next people would realize why YES they DO satisfy the definition perfectly, whereupon the zionists' most crucial mind-control gimmick would be so much airborne bullshit flying to the far ends of the earth. This particular attack is thus much too strategically damaging; a stern intimidating punishment must be delivered to anyone who does this. In fact, it warrants an extreme public dose of the Death Ray: the "anti-Semite" epithet (check that last word there, Beck-O). And so that's what they hit him with. It's SO obvious.

Again, JA, kudos -- you got real cajones and real brains, and that's what heroes are made of.

I encourage everyone to begin calling zionists bigots every time they indecently puke out their bullshit in public. Better yet, get people to CHANT this!

C'mon, people!




Hey Becky, you haven't pretended to be a firearms expert lately. What gives? Your silence on this couldn't possibly mean you were TOTALLY FULL OF SHIT, could it?

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