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Look for Rachel Corrie's feet -- They are not there!

And she and the man standing next to her are not standing at a proper angle for what gravity would dictate. The ISM needed a photo of her standing in front of a house, so they manufactured one! The two bulldozers you posted earlier were of two different bulldozers taken hours apart--not a before and after picture like the ISM intimated. They were put together in sequence to make the viewer believe that the driver ran her over when she was in his plain view.

She actually was sitting on top of a mound of earth that collapsed underneath her, dropping her out of sight of the cat driver. The IDF investigation concluded that her death was accidental.

She died for a cause she believed in. I think its completely a waste of a life to defend Palestinian arms smuggling tunnels, but that is what she did. And since she was killed defending a tunnel in an open field, the ISM had to doctor the photos to "prove" that she was defending a house.

The Israelis murdered no one at Sabra and Shatila. However, after the massacre, both the IDF and the Lebanese authorities went in to assess the aftermath. The Lebanese authorities counted 440 bodies. The IDF counted 700 - 800.
Where did you get your figure of 3,000 dead?

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