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You despise Justice and Peace?

Vinny writes: "Becky Johnson has continuously joined in to condemn Palestinian people at every turn possible while promoting Israeli violence, neccessitating the turning of a blind eye to the horrors that society is perpetrating. I urge Becky Johnson to re-examine her villification of Palestinian people, and promote a more balanced discussion in the future."

BECKY: Vinny, I don't believe I am "villifying" the Palestinian people. When I report on Palestinian suicide bombers I am not reporting on all the Palestinian people. When I challenge whether a little girl was walking to school or was on a mission sent by some Jihadist group, I am not villifying all the Palestinian people.

I have said many times, I want a just and equitable solution in which Palestinians and Israelis no longer wage war, and instead live peacefully as neighbors in prosperity.

How is that "condemning the Palestinian people."
I think you want to put your label on me, and then condemn me for that label rather than address the facts and the historical context in which I address each issue.

I am a Bahai. As a Bahai, racism is considered the greatest cause of war in the world today. Bahaullah taught that until human beings conquer racism, we will not have world peace.

I do not defend any Israeli racist behavior. However, some here have called me a racist because I DO support the State of Israel --which is basically a secular democracy AND the national homeland for the Jewish people.

What Vinny calls "turning a blind eye to the horrors that society is perpetuating" is actually my debunking, one by one, the untruths being told ----e.g. That Israel is an apartheid state--its not, that the IDF machine guns children walking to school--they dont, that Israel is occupying "occupied Palestinian lands" --the record here is pretty darn murky--1500 people were killed in Jenin--Ummm only 56 were killed according to the Palestinian Authority!!
Israel is committing genocide!! -- 4000 dead in 5 years of fighting on both sides is war, not genocide. Sudan, with 1000 a week dying is genocide.

So many untruths. Israel caused the tsunami. Israel blew up the towers on 9/11, Israel runs the US govt., Israel puts baby blood in their religious wafers, etc. etc. etc.

The propaganda war against Israel and the Jews rolls forward. It makes me feel bad to see dedicated peace advocates jumping on the villify Israel bandwagon, because its headed in the exact opposite direction from the route to peace and justice!!

MOHAMED MOVOLO WRITES: "The Jewish teachings, if you look closely at the Torah, promotes the cleansing of that region by any means necessary, even by killing and that is completely justified because you consider yourselves the chosen people, and that this area (Palestine) is given to you.

BECKY: Thank you for your thoughtful questions. First, I am not Jewish. I am a Bahai. You are definitely right. There are many passages in the Torah which detail when the Hebrew people of ancient times were directed by Moses and their God to skirt around one group of people, and attack and slaughter another group of people.

This trouble me too, because I feel deeply that massive armaments and weapons are the wrong way to handle human relationships. We MUST work for a world where problems are solved through rule of law rather than might makes right.

What I think now, is that AT THAT TIME, the Hebrew people were in slavery, to travel they had to cross areas where there were lots of different tribes and people who would just kill them if they got the chance. those were very dangerous times where lots of smaller tribes would engage in raids and conquests, where the group with the most state-of-the art weapons held the most turf. Umm. We need to evolve here!

The Hebrews were the chosen people because they had chosen to follow God's law, the Torah and the Tanach. The Orthodox Jews have 613 laws which they try to follow. Non-Jews have 7 laws to follow.

God did not choose the Jews. God offered the Torah, or his law, to all the peoples of the world. Only the Jews accepted.

So according to the Torah, God promised to protect the Hebrew people and to lead them to the land he had promised them. He directed the Hebrew people, such as in Jericho, to go in and kill everyone and take over. No Jewish teaching that I know of, directs the Jews to go into any area NOW and destroy and kill everyone. No such resolution has been passed in the Knesset either.

Even Jewish teachings don't begin to try to explain what God's reasoning was, but perhaps that was the only way the Hebrew people would have survived.

Yes, the Torah describes the exact borders of Israel which are roughly where Israel is today but including the West Bank, which Jews call Samaria and Judeah, and the Gaza Strip. Ironically, even the Koran describes the land of Israel and says that God gave it to the Jews.


Time and time again, Israel has called for --if someone is shooting a rocket, go in, find the guy and capture him or kill him.

the decision to go after the leaders of Hamas last June came about after weeks and weeks of debate in the knesset. Thats when they got Shehada, Rantisi, and Yassin.

Look these guys up. See what bloody butchers these guys were. The guiding principal of Jewish law is to save a life. So the Jews argued that more lives would be saved than would be lost.

When Shehada was killed, there were a lot of innocent people killed including children. This was really bad. That was a serious mistake on the part of Israel. I heard that they killed him on a third attempt. The first two missions were scrubbed because he was just around too many people. Israel was wrong to not wait for a better time when there was less chance of loss of life.

Israel has the right to defend itself. I do not see Israel as perpetrating a lot of human rights violations in the process. What I report, is my best guess at the truth. I appreciate all those people who are willing to engage in a civil and fair exchange of information on this contentious issue.

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