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FRSC Interview w/ Ron Anicich

Another critic who needs our support and solidarity! Put him on the list with Ward Churchill and Lynne Stewart, with Free Radio and WAMM. Seems like critics are getting silenced quick and fast in the third Bush administration.

Bad Cop No Donut, for those who aren't aware, is an excellent weekly digest of nationwide accounts of Police Brutality, from lawsuit settlements and legal decisions, to off duty officer conduct and corruption, to taser use, deadly force, and stories yet to be told.
Anicich gathers all the PIC news he can find and puts together a weekly compilation.

How many people were killed by cops last week? Did you hear about the guy in Salinas? Up in Pacifica, killed with a Taser? Over the hill in San Jo? How 'bout the recent spate of convictions of cops for rape and molestation, sexual assault and other abuses of power? Keep an eye on your local po, indy readers.

Listen to Bad Cop No Donut every Thursday at 1 on Free Radio. It's often broadcast Wednesday evenings, too, as well as at other times. PLEASE check the website [] and keep on top of this story before another voice is silenced. This program and this message are extremely important.

One of the things Ron mentioned in Skid's interview is how important it is to hear that this shit happens EVERY DAY... that while one sensational case might make the news, five others do not, in the very same week. This is going down in every major city in the country, every small town in the country, every suburb in the country.

Anicich further explains that he is being attacked for gathering news and information already published in other means. He is simply compliling every police brutality story he can find and putting them together in a weekly digest.

This is a dangerous program! LISTEN IN!

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