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Re: Street Minister Busted Again Friday, $50,000 Bail in Aptos

This is probably almost as weak a forum for discussion as talk radio. I've never been ashamed to reveal who I am, but who the Hell is "no such license"?? And why would I be inclinced to respond to them, or would anyone be likely to take their word for anything?

With that said, for the sake of elevating the discussion beyond whatever "rich-white-man-hating" has to offer, here's a little lesson for the rest of you.

Businesses are required to have licenses for a myriad of reasons. They exist with permission so that they will not take advantage of public resources, at a loss to the public.

Populations of consumers represent varying degrees of value -- from lots, in areas like Rodeo Drive, or less, in areas like East LA. In exchange for earning a portion of the consumer dollars available in a given area, businesses acquire licenses and comply with rules -- just like if you wanted to open a hot dog stand in a public park. I don't mean to stretch anyone's thinking processes, but think of the ramifications if anyone who wanted could just show up at the park and start selling food? Sound a little dangerous to you?

Next, comparing private property rights to businesses open to the public is about as stupid a notion as one might expect from the name caller "no such license". If he or she thinks they are the same rights, they are so far behind there's probably no catching up. Maybe this person (this is really frustrating, dealing with a nameless, faceless sniper) should try the other direction? Maybe "no such license" can provide me with the foundation for business rights equal to those expressed in Article I, Section 1 of the California Constitution that Mr. Henry is supposed to be able to enjoy? Show me in the law where "business," even a private business, has an inalienable right to trump Mr. Henry's rights under the Constitution(s)? It ain't there.

It ain't there because it don't exist.

As for the right to "expell anyone he feels," such statements of themselves make the writer sound stupid.

"We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" is not true, your neurotic snits notwithstanding.

A business, in particular a business open to the public, only has the right to refuse business to those they have a right to refuse business to . . . and the basis for that refusal CANNOT BE arbitrary. "No shoes, no shirt, no service"? Fine. It applies to all members of the public. "Your shoes, no service (and we'll define 'your' later)"? Not in this country. Not in this State. Not yet. Thank God.

So, messir, or ma'am, or mssss "no such license," try to avoid busting into the big leagues until you've at least learned the rules of the game? Because, like it or not, you're over-opinionated, under-informed, and otherwise completely out of your league.

It's probably a good idea not to truly identify youself. If I came off that stupid, I'd probably no identify myself either.


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