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Re: Police State in Santa Cruz

I lived in Santa Cruz twenty years until 1996 when I went to Korea to teach English and I remain here, because when I was an anti-fascist social activist in the 1960's, I ended up in Army prison for 17 months and still have not recovered, so do not have the energy or nerve to continue to fight, five years of homelessness, bad jobs, police brutality, feminist harassment, kept me in poverty , just finally getting out. ANyhowm, all white men are not rich and stupid, I am one who is not, and want what is mine, the right to a life, Michael Moore describes what can be done, be kind to the right, talk sense, admit where they are right, do not bad vibe them, be a precinct delegate for the Demos, take over, but see a movie called The Night of the Shooting Stars, showing the shooting of the fascists by the people in post World War Two Italy, and in France collaborators were tried, God bless ITaly and France, they have a memory of freedom and we can take heart and know the Mussolini style fascism that has ruled the US these last twenty years will end, probably through the depression Bush is creating which will bring a losing war with China,Russia, and Europe, the hunger and chaos in the US will produce the second revolution , and the fascists in power will get their reward from God and the people as they did in Italy, Germany, and Japan.I have a Masters degree in Asian history from California State Univ and UCSC BA so the nitwit BS response to be expected from the Pusillanimous Ignorant Gonad Squad ( PIGS) that it is human nature to be violent or bad , that primitive self-serving social Darwinism, and atavistic bullying deserves no further response , as Mao said political power comes from the end of a gun, and soon we will see how it works both ways. I have been laughing my butt off for seven years here in Korea, China, Japan, and Thailand, because the fifty years of torture , poverty, abuse , muggings , lonliness, wage slavery, and more I had in the US is over, but the worst is just begun for the American simps who are marching blindly to the camps at Vandenburg, Tule Lake, in Lousiana, while the new Director of Security was the ambassador to Hondura who sold most of the cocaine for the CIA down there, and is symptomatic of how this cabal is heading for the deep end, save yourselves, but to the manger of the HIndquarters who insulted the delivery people and the fascist managers at Intel and Harmony Foods, and all the nitwit insignificant careerists born since 1970, doom on you, I will enjoy your suffering, but mostly will rejoice when all the police, judges, army officers and higher govt officials are in jail where they belong for war crimes and torture of innocent people in Afghanistan, Guatalmala, Chile, Iraq, Iran, El Salvador, Viet Nam, Grenada, Panama, Korea, and on and on the worst evil in the history of all the universes is the US, but you have the tools to end this soon, and make the heaven on earth real, it will happen. Love to all, in this and every world
Todd Saed

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