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Re: America's Failed Drug War: Santa Cruz and the National Debate

Federal Law supercedes state law,and state law supercedes local law.The federal cops are enforcing federal law.If the local cops tried to stop them they'dbe committing federal crimes.
I think the drug laws are unconstitutional but the only constitutional ways to change them are to challenge them through the courts,or through new congressional legislation.The idea the ACLU program isn't serious becaue the ACLU isn't involved in every local issue is naive and uninformed.The ACLU is a volunteer organization .If local Attorneys aren't volunteering to do constitutional cases locally ,pro bono that's not a reflection on the national ACLU. That said ,I'm extremely frustrated tha I can'tget ACLU representation I was pulled over illegally by cops who wanted to search me for drugs-I didn't agree so they took my car.,TheY had no legitimate probable cause.Thsi stuff happens so muchi

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