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Re: Free Palestine

Free Palestianian WOMEN from Palestianian MEN

When names of nations are used in the news, it is shorthand either for MEN in general or specifically men in power that rule the nation.

Women of warring nations are dragged into mens idiotic primitive, knuckle-dragging, chest-beating wars.

"When the elephants fight, the grass gets crushed" is an African proverb. In this case the elephants are MEN and the crushed grass is women and their children.

In Robin Morgan's book The Demon Lover, there is a chapter about when she lived for a while in a Palestianian refugee camp.

She witnessed male violence against women such as beatings and enforced pregnancy, One women was forced by her husband to have TWENTY TWO children. She wanted to stop at four, but he became enraged and forbade abortion or birth control.

Finally, she persuaded a doctor to tell her husband she needed a hysterectomy since she had "cancer of the uterus"

After the operation the husband beat her in a fury because he was no longer capable of forcing her to have more of "his" children. After he beat her, she told Robin Morgan that she didnt care, because he was no longer capable of forcing her to bear martyrs for mens wars.

Its time for men to butt out and allow Palestinian AND Israeli WOMEN to have a voice in their nations' politics. Women are joining over battle lines in groups such as Bat Shalom because they are sick of being forced by MEN to give birth to martyrs.


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