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Re: Protest Bratton's Homophobic "Joke"

Who is Lisa Travis? Why does Yahoo say her(?) profile was created on March 9th, 2005? Why would she be reading Bruce Bratton's weblog if she has such a low opinion of him? Why is it that the only other posts by her to Indy Media are anonymous posts (no email address) defending the Coast Hotel project in February?

Is it any coincidence that the only record of a "Lisa Travis" on the 'net in Santa Cruz is this "protest" against Bruce Bratton, a known friend of the community, and items defending the Santa Cruz Coast Hotel project?

Could this be an attempt to smear Bruce Bratton with a homophobic label and damage his credibility as an opponent of the Coast Hotel project? Seems likely to me!

Note that she implies that these are Bruce Bratton's own words by omitting the source of the quote: Roy Brown (a Clown/Comedian).

I agree that this is a stupid joke, not funny at all, and homophobic - but given who posted it, the reasonable response would be to write him a letter pointing this out, and asking him to apologize in the next column -- he also has a letter to the editor section too, which I'm sure he'd be more than willing to post such a note to.

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