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Bratton's Not The Problem -- Think About It

I concur with Neanderthal. It is probably in poor taste to talk about "getting a man on" top of anyone, but this quote wouldn't be funny if it was simply a variation of "she's so gay that...." I interpreted the quote in the same way as Ne@nderthal: that, even though Navratolova is an aging athlete, she is in such great condtion that she has full control over her body...with the implication that she could kick any man's ass if she wanted to. In addition, the quote is not prominently displayed and grouped with other quotes at the bottom of the page. See for yourself at:

If Lisa is so concerned about hate speech, she should start with herself. Her comments about Bratton were downright nasty and untrue. Bratton is a valued member of this community. If Lisa doesn't have a hidden agenda here, I would think she would want to educate him rather than crucify him in public.

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