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The refugee crisis of the native people of Palestine is the result of a conscious and systematic policy of ethnic cleansing by the Israeli government. Two of the largest expulsions and land thefts of the native population occurred in 1948 and in 1967, but this policy of ethnic cleansing continues to this day through continued expropriations, continued economic and physical violence against the Palestinian people, and a continued denial of the right to return for the Palestinian Diaspora while new Jews from the around the world are always allowed to immigrate (and are actually welcome if they are white).

Johnson’s claim that proper documentation can remedy and reverse home expropriations by the Israeli government is false. The Israeli government rarely recognizes Palestinian documents as legitimate.

The expropriation of Palestinian homes by the racist Israeli government was recently denounced by South Africa's Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu who during his trip to Israel saw many similarities between the treatment of Blacks in South Africa under Apartheid and the treatment of Palestinians by Israel. But Johnson is blind to racism as stark as the expropriation of homes for the oppressor nationality saying, "What you call racism, is really a favoritism."

Stop ethnic cleansing! End the over 3 billion in yearly U.S. military aid to Israel! Down with U.S. imperialism!

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