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STEVE WRITES: "The refugee crisis of the native people of Palestine is the result of a conscious and systematic policy of ethnic cleansing by the Israeli government."

BECKY: What ethnic group has been "cleansed" from either Israel or PA-controlled areas? In 1948, when JORDAN took over the West Bank, all JEWS were ethnically cleansed from there. When Israel took over in 1967 (following a defensive war!!), they didn't cleanse anyone. In fact, since 1967, the Palestinian population has tripled. Most complaints appear to be that Israel could in the future ethnically cleanse the Palestinians from the West Bank, but they haven't yet.

Also, in Israel, 20% of the population are Israeli Arabs who are Muslims and full citizens with full citizenship rights. Israel hasn't ethnically cleansed these either.

Steve made some vague claims about Black or Ethipian Jews who have experienced racism in Israel (probably true), but he has failed to tell us where any of the Jewish refugee camps are for the internally displaced Jews.

The Arab refugees in 1948 and 1967 owe their own Arab leaders for their plight. It was the Arabs that decided to wage a genocidal war against the Jews of Israel, which created the refugee problem.

I guess you blame Israel for...
a) fighting back
b) winning

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