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'The Secret Covenant'112/29/03'Mike'
'Epicenter of Earthquake Less than 40 Miles from Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant'212/23/03'i'
'Support our Troops'112/23/03'i'
'SURVEILLANCE IN SANTA CRUZ! Monitoring the Movement!'112/23/03'i'
'Wheels of Justice Roll Through Santa Cruz'112/23/03'Jews Against Zionism'
'Coverage of Safeway Picket'112/19/03'Steve Argue'
'Si Se Puede!'112/17/03'Sal'
'Stop Gap Sweatshops! Anti-Corporate Xmas'112/16/03'GreenPartyMike'
'Is China the greatest threat to the future of the West?'112/13/03'rob'
'Local Schwarzenegger Protest'312/13/03'is this Spam?'
Ca. 95060'112/11/03'karl'
and a runaway slave'112/09/03'donald'
'Protest Against Taco Bell on Mission St.'312/07/03'Maxwell'
'Boycott Borders Books'112/04/03'corpy'
'Santa Cruz Indynewsreal December Show Premiers Tonight!'112/04/03'nocable'
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