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Re: Santa Cruz Professor Attacked as Lesbian After Removing Hate Literature

Eric Stein wrote:
"was attacked on a SF Chronicle -linked website"

The above information is incorrect. The website actually is Chronwatch, and is NOT connected in any way with the SF Chronicle. It is a hate mongering right wing website which critiques any and all progressive content which may appear in the SF Chronicle.

No link is provided to Chronwatch as all links to it have been repeatedly deleted by SCIMC editors, apparently since the site violates the editorial guidelines for posting, as in the following: "For example, posts that contain blatantly racist, sexist, homophobic, or other hateful material intended to objectify, intimidate, or injure traditionally oppressed or under-represented groups or that link to websites that advocate the same, may be hidden or deleted."

If you're really interested, look Chronwatch up on Google...

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