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Stoller admitted tearing down "two" flyers

Prof. Stoller was contacted by the UCSC admin. and admitted tearing down "two" flyers, but the student who saw her, said she had a stack of the flyers in her hand at the time.

ALL of the flyers for the Itamar Marcus event were torn down and had to be reposted THREE times. Even then, most of the flyers were gone prior to the event.

The misquote from above was lifted from Jondi Gumz article, however, Lee Kaplan did confirm Tammi Benjamin's input before he wrote his article.

The 2nd misquote in the above article is putting Benjamin's comment "I've never seen flyers defaced in this way" out of context. She did not DENY that the flyers were defaced. In fact, she reported how other flyers were defaced on beyond what was printed in the Sentinel.

Tammi Benjamin is a lecturer at UCSC and the spokesperson for Mideast Scholars for Peace which hosted the speaking engagement by PMW director, Itamar Marcus.

I personally have no beef with Stoller's lesbianism. I don't know the events that revolved around her 5 year attempt to get tenure.
Kaplan reported that there was a controversy regarding her getting tenure and reported some of the commentary that went on at the time.

The "hate literature" (which was the flyer telling where and when the Itamar Marcus event was being held) included a photo of a baby dressed as a suicide bomber for jihad. Many such photos exist as some Palestinians promote their children growing up to become suicide bombers against Israel. There was no need to photoshop it.

A note on the map above: prior to 1967, 12% of Israel's population was Arab. Prior to 1967, zero percent of the West Bank was Jewish. Thats because JOrdan (the country that Israel took over the West Bank FROM in 1967)had ethnically cleansed every Jew from there in 1948. Currently Jewish settlements are on 1.7% of the land of the West Bank.

I'm sure if the eeeevvviilll Ziiiionnists had torn down flyers for a pro-ISM event, there would be no censorship of THAT here at SC IMC.

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