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Steve Argue has been on my show more than once

Since the last 35 or so postings of mine have been deleted, I hesitate to write anything here. Since "Freedom of Speech" chose to criticize me directly, I hope the SC IMC CENSORS won't instantly hit the flush button when they see that is me speaking, and allow me the opportunity to defend myself.

Putting aside my own ire at the "Free" speech advocates who can't tolerate an opinion different than their own (and I really think they started deleting my comments because I was doing so much damage with my well-researched commentaries---if you can't win an argument fair and square--cheat!!)

My television show, Club Cruz, which is on at 7PM on channel 27 and repeated on Thursdays at 7PM, has taped nearly 250 shows.

Steve Argue has appeared on 3 or 4 shows. Likewise, Maureen Smith of the Peace and Freedom Party has been on my show and spoke out against Israel during her time to speak.

Of the 7 or so shows Lee Kaplan and I have taped, two of them were debates with the Resource Center for Nonviolence mideast coordinator, Scott Kennedy.

So we don't even remotely fit the generalization that Freedom of Speech makes.

I wonder what Freedom of Speech thinks about the show, Voices (Mark Halfmoon, producer) which recently did an expose on Lee Kaplan and myself, without informing us, or contacting us?

Their "excuse" for not contacting us for so much as a statement was that since my show didn't have anti-Israel people on it (in their view,lacking balance), then they didn't need to involve us in their show.

What does Freedom of Speech have to say about
Prof. Nancy Stoller who teaches a class on Freedom of Speech, but doesn't get it that to be a good citizen and supportive of freedom of speech you have to model respect for those who hold a contrarian point of view?

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