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Re: Santa Cruz Professor Attacked as Lesbian After Removing Hate Literature

O:"I read the Chronwatch article"

OO: Sure you didn't write it?

Whether or not you did you didn't read it very carefully.

It did NOT attribute "her opponents" (O) but just "some people" - a convenient rhetorical trick to dodge responsibility for inuendo- "she was granted tenure soon after only because she was a lesbian. " Emphasis added. This is clearly a snide form of gay-baiting. Kaplan (would that be you?) deceives no one by attributing his snide comment to "some people".

As if there could be any doubt as to his "journalistic" sincerity, he himself says

"so one might call Stoller’s position a cushy job supported by the California taxpayer."

Again, he ducks responsibility for his words with a convenient little "so one might call"...

He's a bit too clever for might say...some say...blah blah blah.

Obviously, it is Kaplan's gaybaiting pure and simple.


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