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Re: Can the Left Tolerate Dissenting Views? The Case of Ward Churchill?

Since I have been personally attacked here, I hope the SC IMC monitor (censors) will allow me to defend myself.

Steve, you claim I hate Arabs but I don't, have not written anything that degrades Arabs, or is untruthful about situations occurring in Arab countries. If you feel that I have written comments which could be interpreted as racist against Arab people, please include those quotes in your critique. Just calling me a racist is meaningless.

Vinny was on Free Radio for 20 minutes attacking me and slandering me. He claimed he had "so many examples" of my "racism" but failed to provide a single example. (listen for yourself to the archived show on Mar 27 2005 at

Your main contention that I am a racist (and Vinny's on that FRSC radio show) was that I am a Zionist (I'm not, but he claims I am) and that Zionism is inherently racist. So I am a racist.

Thats a pretty long stretch.

I am against racism, feel racism is a cause of many of the world's conflicts, and am constantly re-examining my own attitudes for internal racist attitudes. I fail to see why you call me a racist, nor do I have a clue what you are basing this charge on, other than possibly Vinny's convoluted rationalization.

Where I differ from you, Steve, is that I support the right of the State of Israel to exist, and to exist as a secular democracy AND as the national homeland for the Jewish people.
This does not make me a racist. It does make my point of view different than yours.

You want to destroy the State of Israel. You do not accept its right to exist. In this sense, you are more of a racist against Jews since you advocate that they have NO national homeland.

The Palestinians already have a national homeland in Jordan (60% Palestinian Arabs). There are 22 Arab/Islamic countries which take up 500 times the land area of Israel. Yet you can't stand for one, tiny, postage stamp sized country for Jewish people (primarily anyway) to exist in the whole world.

Dafka is not an "ultra-right wing organization." Right wing organizations in the USA oppose abortion, oppose teaching evolution, oppose intermarriage of people of different races, oppose the use of stem-cell research, promote traditional male/female roles, are opposed to homosexuality, etc. Dafka is none of these.

Dafka is a pro-Israel organization (not Zionist).
Its purpose is to educate the public on the pro-Israel position. Many liberals support the the right of Israel to exist, so this is hardly a position held exclusively by the right.

Dafka receives no government funding from either the USA or Israel. I myself am an unpaid volunteer. If anyone wants to see for themselves, they can visit and see for themselves what kind of articles are posted there. Claims that Dafka "would never post our articles there" are also false. I know of no one who has presented an article and been turned down.

I don't agree with everything posted there, either.

Another person posted: "Indymedia is NOT a discussion board"

BECKY: SC IMC is a peoples' journalism website, but it doesn include a comment section where many discussions occur. Apparently only I am chastised for "discussing" the article posted.
A double standard? How can anyone conclude otherwise?

Finally, SC IMC, by preventing certain opinions from being aired (and I am not saying opinions that violate the editorial policy) shows itself to be repressive, thin-skinned, closed, isolated, self-deluded, and against free speech.

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