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predictable suggestions from a hung over drunk

my head is breaking, hung over reading and trying to type without mispellings. i am saddened by this increased privatization of downtown. i have never been harrassed downtown or harrassed anyone downtown. the space, in my predictable opinion(see above), needs liberating/transformation. the "problems" so inaptly addressed by "fed up" (i suppose this is her/his Proper Name?--well i guess the statements made don't need to be tied to any one person) are tied to class. i "mean" this word in a couple of senses; economic and just plain old respect for other people...i lack in the latter via web because it is so damn alienating in the first place.
that said here are some suggestions for a healthier downtown, not just Santa Cruz:

1. convert multi-level parking structures into revolving citizen/non-citizen sponsored "amusement zones".

2. remove the automobiles.

3. remove the roads.

4. physically expose all underground conduits i.e. sewer pipes, rain water pipes... where feasible...paint them up and organize "flow tours".

5. revegatate and rehabilitate the myriad of environmental degradations that are the direct result of the privatized capitalistic social model of commodity(people included) production/transport/consumption/excretion.

6. remove all man-made barriers to human and animal movement through the city.

7. remove the hang over from booze.

i want to smell soil in the city, not urban decay.
i wonder how the spatial distribution of heavy drinkers-where we live-correlates to the bowels of the urban center?


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