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Re: PIX: Military Recruiters Off Campus, pt2

"The last thing we need is recruiters harassing students to join their war for Iraqi oil"

I hope it is a war for OIL. I LOVE the stuff!!! It heats my house, runs my car, transports my food to the store so I can eat, all this great plastic stuff (like my PC) is pertoleum based, as are some medicines. Unless you grow your own food, ride a horse and don't use ANY petroleum based products you want and need oil too.

Breaking News: I wont say that oil had nothing to do with it but it wasn't everything and I'd be willing to bet not even half of it.

"recruiters are merely doing thier jobs. If you dont agree with them just dont stop by at their both, recruiters dont force anybody to join"

See you can protest effectively, if you use your brain.

When these gorups go after the recruiters, they are effectivily dening them their right to free speech. But people like these protesters are usually all about double standards and would (and do) screame bloody murder if you tell them they can portest the recruiters.

"the military would be denied access just like any other discriminatory employer"

How do they discriminate? Any sex can join, and religion, any sexaul prefrence. Many people join the military when they don't have any other options or just don't know what they want yet- Uncle Sam talkes them in. Others join becuase they want to protect their country and way of life. It's everyone's choice to join and there are a lot of beneifts. By chasing out the recruiters you are dening other students an opportunity to expolore what THEY may want.

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