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Re: California Clients Fight Forced Mental Health Treatment

New York's "Kendra's Law" has been opposed by a coalition of clients, service providers and civil rights lawyers
When Kendra's Law went in, if I recall, it was after this guy had tried and tried to get in patient treatment...and had been REFUSED TREATMENT. He did something atrocious - pushed a woman in front of a train - but this should have sparked a movement to fund and implement IN PATIENT treatment. Instead, all they did was introduce fascistic provisions for INVOLUNTARY in patient committment, with NO response to the need for funding voluntary treatment at all.

The side effects of many of the medications have been subject of oa lawsuit from the ACLU MH Project - including tardive dyskenesia, a permanent nuerological disorder which is caused solely as a meds side effect.

QUite a tool for the state.

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