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I agree with Deke. A lot of this is just about common courtesy. People on both sides need to bend a little. Hackey-sackers need to realize that it's not the little sandbag that can hurt people, but gangly, unwatched legs kicking into walking space. And businesses need to recognize that many people frequent downtown for the ambiance and happen to make purchases at the same time, which is good for business.

It's also unfair to say this is all about "business" and "oppressive capitalism." People who own those shops have bills to pay, too. They have children to feed, and it's bad enough with Santa Cruz's rampant permit and regulation thievery. When potential consumers come downtown, they have as much a right to be there as anyone else, but are often offended by screaming drug addicts, homeless people defecating in tree pots and wildly swinging dreadlocks at the periphery of a hackey-sack game. If people aren't comfortable walking around, then they are likely to avoid shopping there. This affects businesses and families and is unfair.

There is no unilateral answer to this problem. I think it would have sufficed to say that some of the things addressed by the new ordinances were already illegal -- that's very relevant. But to resort to character assassination and to blame it on "right-wingers" is detrimental to your argument. There are a number of right-leaning libertarians like me who might agree, but are turned off by the rhetoric.

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