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To my knowledge, no WAMM member has requested "HUFF members" not attend the medical marijuana distribution Tuesday. (By the way, it is 3 PM as posted or 1:30 p.m. as I heard from another source?) In fact, numerous WAMM members commended me for speaking out at City Council last Tuesday. I'll be playing my interview with two of them on today's (10 am -1:30 pm) show.

It is true that I have been critical of Valorie Corral and WAMM's failure to publicly support a broad front of other medical marijuana clubs, and all the clubs generally to support a broad front for the decriminalization of marijuana generally (as, I hear, is being attempted in Nevada).

"Stivey the Truthlover" apparently didn't show at the Green Assembly meeting yesterday, where a Green Party foul-up postponed endorsements for two weeks (special meeting to be held Saturday Sept 28 4 PM Louden Nelson Center, open to the public). I certainly endorse his campaign to write appropriate officials (never a bad thing), to contact news magazines, and to attend and support the Tuesday 3 PM giveaway.

I also encourage folks to financially support anti-Drug War groups (not just WAMM), and to demand immediate strong local action to protect the health, lives, and property of vulnerable people (as well as of the general population). This might also involve ending the Drug War in Santa Cruz, at least as far as marijuana goes. Stopping, for instance, felony busts of young people downtown for small sales of marijuana as part of the "Clean Away the Undesirables" merchant-pleasing mischief.

Fitzmaurice, Rotkin, and Matthews have done nothing to stop the Drug War and very little to meaningfully protect the majority of medical marijuana users. On the contrary, they've supported the Police Chief Belcher every time he's held out his hand. Panhandling from highly paid city officials apparently is completely acceptable and not covered by the Downtown Ordinances.

Cutting Belcher's $150,000+ salary and that of City Manager Wilson, RDA Head Cirillo, City Attorney Barisone, Parks & Rec Director Lang's replacement, etc. and putting that money into paying for medical workers and a City-run space to grow and distribute medical marijuana would be a nice first step.

Hopefully the Greens will support a medical marijuana emergency declaration. However since they haven't clearly and publicly repudiated Fitzmaurice on his systematic human rights violations against the homeless these last four years, I'm not terribly hopeful that that will mean much if the Council majority chooses to ignore it. It unfortunately says volumes that the Greens can even consider a Fitzmaurice endorsement after his blatant betrayal and violations of the Green Party platform.

We also need some good information on alternatives to criminalization for hard drugs like heroin, which also has vital but prohibited medical uses for pain control. I've heard lots of anecdotal stuff about Holland, Germany, and Switzerland, but does anyone have any hard facts? If so, please call in to my radio show (Free Radio Santa Cruz 96.3 FM, 427-3772, Thursdays 6-8 PM, Sundays 10-1:30 PM).

Regarding marijuana, it's probably time for some old-fashioned, unapologetic smoke-in's (in some public park where those with smoke allergies are advised in advance).

Fight back against DEA terror, City Council complicity, and general apathy with some mass protests locally? If Santa Cruz leads (as it did in the medical marijuana fight), other cities and states may follow.

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