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Re: Suddenly, the Cops Ran Away and the People Rejoiced!

You won nothing. All you did was lose any respect for your ideals by the way you acted. The morning paper quotes one of you nimrods stating" We never wanted the police to come here", yet you did everything you possibly could to ensure they would show up!! In fact the way several of us saw it that night was that the intention of the crowd was to cause a confrontation with the police. Congratulations, you at least accomplished that and now you whine about the response. You accuse the administration of lieing,yet you add to that issue by lieing yourselves with claims of " we were just sitting peacefully" when in fact you refused to leave when given numerous opportunities to do so citing you didn't hear any warning to leave, when in fact the evening news lead off with the officer announcing over a loudspeaker to leave or be arrested. Then you "peaceful" people aggresively resisted arrested and the outside "observers" decided to get involved. We saw you "peaceful" people grab officers and someone said they even saw someone grab an officers gun. That was as real smart move! That genius is lucky to still have use of his hand! I see in other postings people claiming to have photos and videos of police brutality. The police were also taking photos and video and wouldn't be surprised to see more of you booted out once they look at the tapes.Any legitimate purpose you started out with is lost, along with your credibilty.

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