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Re: Video of Arrests at Santa Cruz Tent University

By Kent State : "Obviously you haven’t watched the abuse video Intelligent UCSC Student or you wouldn’t condone the misuse of Police-Power by inflicting PAIN just to move someone out of the way because Hitler said so."

You prefer they use tazers? The students were interlocked and using methods to resist arrest. The methods the police used probably were painful - that's the point, but I bet the student didn't wind up with internal bleeding or a gaping head wound... 'cause the police could have used batons, and been done with it a hell of a lot faster.

Jebus christ, why can't people go do something useful?

You want to change things? Go get a job, pay taxes, vote, and donate to special interest groups. 'cause I have news for you, if most people didn't approve of this, they would vote accordingly - accept the fact that you are the minority.

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