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R.A., Thanks for your thoughts, however much we disagree. I think you are sincere, but misinformed.

City ordinances ARE laws; those who violate them are subject to arrest, prosecution, fine, and imprisonment.

If the Coralls were the only careproviders allowed into the inner counsels in 2000 that made the law (and it is my understanding that the lawmakers effectively excluded others). Considering her silence over the last five years-- it is "her law" in that sense.

I was around when the law was cooked up behind closed doors and rubberstamped, and according to others involved in the process, it was exclusionary--except for the Coralls. It was also taken up after 11 PM at night as an emergency ordinance, making public input particularly difficult (though I suspect it would have been disregarded, as it has been in the five years since). To suggest the law had real public process (other than the pro forma slide through City Council) is uninformed.

Rotkin's membership on the ACLU Board of Directors emphasizes all the more vividly and ironically his hypocrisy on this issue (as on issues of community control of police, open public process at City Council, and civil rights for the poor). Not to mention the hypocrisy of the local ACLU generally. Search for "ACLU" on this website to read more analysis of their indifference to local abuses.

Rotkin and the Council have made no attempt to address the current medical marijuana "ban" in Santa Cruz. The point of this discussion is to generate pressure on them to do so. Give them a call at 420-5020 to get their side of this issue--if they bother to call you back.

In five years, Valerie Corall has declined to address this issues publicly. My invitation to come on Free Radio and discuss it with me is still open. When people in positions of power stonewall, it's appropriate to call them on it. That's the purpose of this discussion on the internet.

The Coralls are well-established nationally famous careproviders. It is a scandal that they colluded in the current situation and continue to largely remain silent on it.

I think I'm repeating myself.

Since this is a Roger Mentch thread, I encourage folks to continue this dialogue on a new thread if they want. Also check out "Letter to D.A. Bob Lee" for more discussion the Drug War locally.

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