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Medical professionals did a scientific study this fall and estimated that the death toll as of Fall 2004 in Iraq since the beginning of Gulf War II was in excess of 100,000. This study was deemed respectable enough to be published in Britain's premiere, peer-reviewed medical journal, The Lancet.

Based on the rate of death for the Iraqis in this study, it is safe to assume that at least 150,000 Iraqis have most likely died as a result of the war up to this point in time (my estimate.) In every single war, casuality estimates given *during* the war are almost always less than the actual death toll. The hidden bloodbath that took place in Europe during WWII is a perfect example.

The Iraqi Death toll on the site here and found on many other sites throughout the Internet bases it's figures on officially reported deaths. While I think it is good that someone is keeping track of "official" death counts, there is reputable information that would indicate the actual numbers much higher.

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