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Re: FRSC: Interview with John S Hall of King Missle tuesday 5-10

Interview with John S. Hall of King Missle3 we talk about the beginings of spoken word performance into King Missile history as well as his take on the Iraq War, his veiws on file sharing, copyright as well as intresting reactions from listiner/callins in response to interview.

Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 (38.4 MB)

Interview with John S. Hall of King Missle 3

John S Hall spoken word performer, poet and musician hailing from the band King Missle 3 with 3 albums to date "Failure" Psycopatholgy of everyday life" and most recent"Royal Lunch" released on Important records most remember his band before that King Missle with the comercial hits "Detachable Penis" and "Martin Scorcese" with 3 albums released on Atlantic records "Way to Salvation" "Happy Hour" and " King Missile " but even before all that the first incarnation called King Missile (Dog fly religon) with the band Dogbowl released 3 albums "They" "Mystical Shit" and "Flutting the hump"on Shimmy disc records produced by Kramer of Bongwater fame he has also done solo projects The body has a head (released in Germany) and "Real Men" with Kramer as well as written a book called Jesus was way cool and is now an Entertainment lawyer living in New York City.

songs include: I am a Sensitive Artist Its Saturday The Sandbox Another political poem

check out Johns Law firm:

America Kicks Ass off latest Royal Lunch mp3:


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