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Re: Police Riot at Tent State UC Santa Cruz

I was in lockdown that monday, and served witness to the violence that occurred.

To clarify-
No one was rendered unconcious. After being seperated from their circle, protestors went limp as a form of passive resistance.

We did our best to document any injuries sustained, and there were no dislocated shoulders reported.

No tasers were used. At all.

Police DID use batons, on serveral occasions, including students NOT participating in the lockdown.
Police DID use 'pain compliance' tactics, including pressure points under our jaws, the edges of our ears, and insides of our wrists. They also twisted our arms, which is clearly visible in the videos released.

The cops themselves were called in from several different places, but the ones I know were represented were Santa Cruz sheriffs, UCSC police, and UC Berkely police. They came outfitted in riot-style face masks, and full padding/protective gear. They were obviously prepared for more than 'dispersal' of the Tent U. crowd.

Thank you so much for the support and energy that has been coming from the rest of Tent U across the nation- it's times like these that we need all the help we can get.
Thank you also for this article- I feel like it explains very clearly the real intent of Tent University.
For any locals- there is a TUSC rally on Friday the 13th at 1pm in the baytree plaza on campus, in order to recieve the administration's response to our platform, which was presented last week at a meeting with the chancellor.

Thank you again for the support-
it is always appreciated.

Tent University Santa Cruz Student

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