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Osama Bin Laden is an extreme lunatic of the religious right

Sorry "anonymous poster" but what I said is still true.

1. It was a minority in the working class and the population as a whole that supported Hitler when he seized power. After, support for Hitler became compulsory and opposition prohibited. There is no way to gage Hitler’s real support beyond the time of his seizure of power.

2. Hitler could have never come to power without major backing from the capitalist class. That capitalist class placed Hitler in power to smash the mass movements of the working class.

3. Hitler's supporters included a mass movement that was largely made up of angry small business people, their disillusioned offspring, and other petty bourgeois and former petty bourgeois elements that had lost their businesses and who were caught between the rock of the failures of the capitalist system and the hard place of worker unrest, both cutting into their lively-hood.

These were the people who most believed in the racial hatred taught both by Hitler and by the capitalist system before Hitler, and who believed in fighting to defend capitalism by any means necessary. They blamed their problems on the groups targeted by Hitler and the capitalist class. As such they were well funded shock troops that were nearly given a free reign to terrorize union workers, Jews, socialists, and communists by the capitalist government even before Hitler had taken power.

Yes there were a minority of workers who were fooled into helping Hitler take power as well, but they were a minority. Many were attracted to what they saw as needed radical solutions in the face of the Social Democratic Party’s (SPD’s) inability put forward a revolutionary program. The SPD had become just another capitalist party that had supported the German capitalist class in the inter-imperialist First World War.

The fact that some workers supported Hitler does not change the fact that the fascist government was created by the capitalist class with mass support from petty bourgeois and declassed lumpen proletarian elements. Hitler’s was a government created to smash the mass movements of a rebellious working class that had nearly overthrown the capitalist government in 1920 under the revolutionary socialist leadership of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht.

Just as the mass murder carried out against human beings on three jet planes used as missiles and other innocent victims at the World Trade Center was a crime, so was the mass murder carried out by the U.S. government against the working class of Dresden, another non-military target.

Osama Bin Laden is an extreme lunatic of the religious right who owes his entire career to the billions of dollars the U.S. provided to him in his holy war against literacy, women’s rights, and the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Making excuses for Bin Laden’s murderous misogynists is the last thing on earth that the left and the anti-war movement should be doing.

Likewise Bin Laden’s actions have had the predictable result of bringing on more repression and war. It is mass movements based among the working class that has the potential of bringing change, not terrorism against the working class.

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